Green Diamonds

Facts to Know about Green Diamonds

Green Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the earth. These are the hardest substance and carry beauty. The beauty, optical characteristics and purity of the gemstones are the reasons for its popularity among people in the world. The impurity of the diamonds is the reason behind its color. The density of the diamond determines its strength and the strength of the gemstone determines its durability, though these are highly durable. Diamonds are available in several colors, but some of them are considered as the most precious ones. Here in this article you would get some clear concepts about the green diamonds. You know that the green color is the hottest color for the human eye and brain to see and feel.

The radioactive source is the reason of the natural green color of diamonds. The irradiation of the stone makes it green in color. But, the time needed for the process is extremely high. The green colored diamonds are rare. Most of the irradiation diamonds are coming from the alpha particles which can be found in uranium compounds. A long time of exposure to these substances create the green color of the surface of the diamond. The green spot can be removed at the time of cutting process. There are ways available to make the green color more deep and the whole stone can be designed into green color. To do so gamma and beta rays can be applied.

The crystal lattice is the major part of the diamond structure. Now, if the bombardment is applied for producing different color effect, it can cause damage to the crystal structure of the diamond. Sometimes there may appear another color. However the effect of the process is completely permanent and this process is professionally accepted. Diamond industry makes possible changes to the diamonds to get more beauty of the diamonds. The highest cost ever paid for a colored gemstone was $926.315 per carat. This diamond was 0.95 carats and fancy Purplish Red. Another amazing green diamond of .90 carats were sold at the price of $670, 00 per carat.

Green Diamonds

Now coming to the natural green diamonds, the largest natural green diamond is the Dresden Green. This diamond was40. 70 carats in weight and it was special for its apple green color. This diamond was popular not only for its extraordinary shinning quality but also it was a rare kind of  a diamond.

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